The San Gabriel Valley B'n'B's monthly dance times and location: 


6:30-7:30 (rounds)

7:30-10:00 (squares)

Community of Christ   9468 Broadway   

Temple City  91780 (corner of Broadway & Cloverly, between Temple City Blvd & Rosemead Blvd.)

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For info call Judy at (626) 287-1946

Our November 8th Dance
Caller:  Mike Seastrom
Cuer:   Zena Beaulieu
Theme:  Fall Back
Our Quarter Way Dance & Used Clothing Sale
Sunday, November 16th

Visitations are important.  They are fun and they encourage other clubs to visit us.


OF 2012-2013

Marcie & Jim C.  24 visitations
Judy 23 visitations
Jean 22 visitations
Don 21 visitations
Jim W. 20 visitations
Brenda 19 visitations
Bill 19 visitations
Marlene 18 visitations
Bonnie 17 visitations

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1)  our 1/2 way dance
2)  our pizza dinner & class graduation
Welcome to the San Gabriel Valley B'n'Bs
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October 2014 Newsletter

            2nd Saturdays

            6:30:7:30 PM prerounds/Zena Beaulieu

            7:30-10:00 Squares / Guest callers

Important Dates in October

4 - Visitation to the Funsters' Anniversary with the Shakedown

            group (4 callers, live music)

5 - Membership meeting at 5:15 at the Community of Christ

11 - Our Oktoberfest Dance with Frank Lescrinier

18 - Support the International Anniversary Dance with

            Rod Shuping & Brent Lively at Rancho Cucamonga.

            We will carpool.

Other Important Information

            At our October dance we will serve pies so members

are asked to bring a pie. In the kitchen we will have Toni, Joan, &

Kathy under Alice's direction.     

            I would like to appeal to you again to try to make our

visitations. We always choose fun dances to go to with good callers

and carpooling is always available. As clubs are failing all around us,

it is more important than ever to support those that are still around

so they will support us. Please consider joining us spreading the word

that we are still alive and very active. We are doing well when visiting

nearby clubs, such as the Funsters & Grin'n'Square It, but please

don't shy away from joining us when we plan to visit a club that is a

little farther away. We DO carpool. Jean can put 6 riders in her car and

I can put 4, so we have room for 10. Of course, you can join other

drivers too for only a couple of dollars. I want to thank those who do

visit regularly. You know who you are!

            I want to thank Larry and Donna who did such a wonderful job

advertising the new class in 3 newspapers and with flyers. I had several

phone calls prompted by their ads.

            We are thinking of starting a new round dance class in January

if we have enough people interested. If you are or know someone who is,

please let me know or ask them to contact me.

            Check out our website at

Don is doing a great job.

            There is a desperate need for a new Regional Treasurer. The job is

very easy but the vacancy needs to be filled. If you can do it, let Toni or

me know.

            Happy October Birthday to Alice (17th), Dennis (18th), Kitt (26th), &
Ella (29th).

                                                            Judy reporting


November 2014 Newsletter- San Gabriel Valley          

2nd Saturdays

            6:30:7:30 PM prerounds/Zena Beaulieu

            7:30-10:00 Squares / Guest callers

Important Dates in November

2 - Membership meeting at 5:15 at the Community of Christ

7 - Visitation to Rancho Cucamonga's Pow Wow with

            Phil Farmer. Let me know if you want to carpool

8 - Our Fall Back Dance with Mike Seastrom & Zena

15 - Visitation to the Grin'n'Square It's Anniversary dance with

            Ken Bower

16 - Our 1/4 Way Dance with Frank, Bill, Judy & Marcie's clothing


Other Important Information

            At our November dance we will serve turkey & ham sandwiches

and salads, so members are asked to bring one of the above items.

In the kitchen we will have Gloria, Roger, Don, and Jean under Alice's


            At the 1/4 way dance we will serve finger foods. Please bring

the food of your choice. In the kitchen we will have Ella, Ana, & Kitt

under Michael's direction.

            Our bus trip was very successful. Everyone seemed to have a

wonderful time at the dance, the bus ride was smooth, and we made

good time. We will plan for another trip next fall. Thank you Ana for

getting us the bus.

            We have between 11 and 15 new students in our square dance

class. With the angels, we have 4 or 5 squares. We welcome back to

the class Lynne, Dennis, and Jacques. It is so wonderful to know that

they feel well enough to rejoin our ranks as dancers. Hurrah! Thank you

all who keep supporting the class by coming as angels. Boy, do we need

you all! We do miss seeing Bruce, Yolanda, and Neil.

            I am collecting names of those who are interested in learning

to round dance. If you know of anyone, let me know ASAP. If we have

enough interested dancers, we might start a class in January.

            There is a desperate need for a new Regional Treasurer. The job is

very easy but the vacancy needs to be filled. If you can do it, let Toni or

me know.

            We were very sorry to hear that Bonnie's son passed away

last month. We would like to express our deepest sympathy to Bonnie.

            Happy November Birthday to Mary Ellen (8th), Teri (22nd) &
Neil (24th).

            Happy 36th Anniversary to Bill and Margaret on the 25th.

A VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!                                    


                                                                        Judy reporting

San Gabriel Valley B’n’B’s

2014 Dance Schedule





January 11

Pat Carnathan

Zena Beaulieu

Black & White Ball

46th Anniversary

February 8

Ken Bower

Shauna Kaaria

Hearts & Flowers

March 8

Darren Gallina

Zena Beaulieu

Spring Forward

April 12

Wyane Simpson

Zena Beaulieu

April Showers

May 10

David Mee

Bill Berry

May Flowers

June 14

Dale Hoppers

Judy Kersthold

Country Western

July 12

Charlie Fagan

Zena Beaulieu

Short Pants Dance

August 9

Rick Manning

Zena Beaulieu

Root Beer Floats

September 13

Bob Jones

Bill Berry

Back to Class

October 11

Frank Lescrinier

Zena Beaulieu


November 8

Mike Seastrom

Zena Beaulieu

Fall Back


Rod Shuping

Judy Kersthold

Jingle Bells






Community of Christ

9468 Broadway @ Cloverly

Temple City 91780

Pre-rounds: 6:30-7:30

Squares:       7:30-10:00




For information call Judy (626) 287-1946 or Toni (626) 806-3677.

Also Click on San Gabriel.



Get Directions To:
9468 Broadway
Temple City California 91780