The San Gabriel Valley B'n'B's monthly dances:


6:30-7:30 (rounds)

7:30-10:00 (squares)

Community of Christ

  9468 Broadway   

Temple City  91780
 (corner of Broadway & Cloverly, between Temple City Blvd & Rosemead Blvd.)

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For info call Judy at (626) 287-1946

Our February 14th Dance
Caller:  Ken Bower
Cuer:   Zena Beaulieu
Theme:  Sweethearts Dance

 Round Dance Class 
Every Thursday
  6:30-7:45 -New Dancers
  7:45-9:00 - Phase 3,
                 transition to 4
9:00-10:00 - Phases 4 & 5
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1) Star Visitors of 2014
2 1/4 Way Dance
3) Bus Trip
4) Round Dance Class
5) 2014 Class Graduation

Welcome to the San Gabriel Valley B'n'Bs
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February 2015 Newsletter- San Gabriel Valley  

         2nd Saturdays

            6:30-7:30 PM prerounds

            7:30-10:00 Squares / Guest callers

Important Dates in February

            1 - Membership meeting at the church at 5:15

            3 - Visitation the the Glendale B'n'B's with

                        Darren Gallina

            7 - Support the Funsters' Dance with Dan Clairmont       

            14 - Our Sweethearts dance with Ken Bower

            28- Visitation to the Major Keys Class Level Hoedown

                        with Vic Kaaria.  Carpooling

Other Important Information

            First, I want to thank everyone who worked very

hard to make our anniversary dance a success. Everyone

who came early and the kitchen crew did a great job. I heard

nothing but good comments.

            At the February dance we will serve sandwiches &

anything chocolate, so club members are asked to bring

one of these items. In the kitchen we will have Kathy, Dee, Alice,

& Mardie under Bobbi's supevision.  

            Another club is folding as of this month, the Cypress

Twirlers. It is sad to see long-running clubs disappear one by one.

We must work harder than ever to keep us going. With our rent

going up 400%, we need to do all we can to invite visitors and to attend

all of our own dances every month. Some clubs do return visitations

because they want their banners back. I would like to congratulate our

Star visitors of 2014. The following people attended 10 or more

out of the possible 16 visitations: Judy 16, Jean 15, Don, Marcie &

Jim C. 14, George 12, Marlene, Bonnie & Bill 11, Margaret & Mary 10.

The following members made at least one visitation (in the order of

"frequency") Brenda, Russell, Kitt, Jim W., Elaine, Steve, Mary Ellen,

Christine, Les, Sharon,Toni, Bobbi, Gloria, Jack, Jennifer, John, Teri,

David, Roger, Vicki, Vonda, Elaine, Mardie, Donna, Larry, Ana, Lupe &
Ed. If you don't see your name or if you are among the bottom 10, please

take heart! Please try to make at least 3 visitations in 2015. We do carpool!

            .Thank you all who keep bringing bottles & cans. When we

have a truckload, Roger & I take them down. Every little bit helps

especially in light of the new increased rent.

            A happy February birthday to Margaret & Michael (2nd),

Joan (8th), George (9th), & Ana (26th).

            Happy anniversary to Bobbi & David (28th of the 7th),

Jacques & Ana (59th on the 11th), & Bruce & Yolanda (39th on the 14th).


                                                                        Judy reporting

San Gabriel Valley - March 2015 Newsletter

            2nd Saturdays

            6:30-7:30 PM prerounds

            7:30-10:00 Squares / Guest callers

Important Dates in March

            1 - Membership meeting at the church at 5:15

            7 - Visitation to the Funsters' dance with Scot &

                        Erin Byars        

            14 - Our Luck of the Irish dance with Pat Carnathan        

            21 - Visitation to the Grin'n'Square it's New Dancer

                        Hoedown with Phil Farmer

Other Important Information

            At the March dance we will serve anything green

like green jello, cookies, vegies, etc. ao please bring your

favorite green edible. In the kitchen we will have Steve,

Jack, Jennifer, & Dennis under Mary Ellen's direction.

            Our class is doing well. Thank you all who come to

angel. Since often we are short of men angels, we are very

lucky that we have so many lady angels who can dance the

man's part. I don't know of any other club who has the luxury

to have everyone dancing because of these lady angels and

our successful singles rotation.Starting this month, we will

alternate mainstream and plus calls to encourage class

members to attend. We have 8-10 regular class members.

            The new round dance class started out with 11 new

dancers. I want to thank all the angels who came early to

dance with the new class members. You are so appreciated!

            Mardie had shoulder surgery in February. Boy, do I

know what she is going through! She'll be back to dancing as

soon as she can. In the meanwhile, we wish you a speedy and

full recovery.

            Our deepest sympathy to Teri who lost her father in

February. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Teri.

            Happy March birthday to Brenda (2) and Larry (22).

I apologize for not wishing a happy birthday to Sharon whose

birthday was on February 15. Happy belated birthday to you.

            Happy Anniversary to Larry & Donna (13th on March 9)

and Jack & Jennifer (40th on March 22).


                                                            Judy reporting


San Gabriel Valley BnB's
2015 Dance Schedule

      JAN 10               ANDY ALLEMEO             Black and White
                                          (47th Anniversary)
       FEB 14               KEN BOWER                Sweetheart Dance
       MAR 14              PAT CARNATHAN            Luck of the Irish
       APRIL 11            ROD SHUPING               Riches to Rags
       MAY 9                 DAVID MEE                 Mothers' Day
       JUNE 13             DALE HOPPERS             Fathers' Day
       JULY 11              BOB JONES                 Hot hot hot
       AUG 8                CHARLIE FAGAN             Summer Nights
       SEPT 12            CLIFF SIMPSON              Mismatched Shoes
       OCT 10              FRANK LESCRINIER          Falling Leaves
       OCT 31              SCOT BYARS                 It's a Hoot
                                                            (Costume Party)
       NOV 14              DARREN GALLINA           Turkey Trot
      DEC 12              RICK MANNING                Here Comes Santa

ROUNDS 6:30-7:30
SQUARES 7:30-10:00


Get Directions To:
9468 Broadway
Temple City California 91780