The San Gabriel Valley B'n'B's monthly dance times and location: 


6:30-7:30 (rounds)

7:30-10:00 (squares)

Community of Christ   9468 Broadway   

Temple City  91780 (corner of Broadway & Cloverly, between Temple City Blvd & Rosemead Blvd.)

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For info call Judy at (626) 287-1946

Our September 13th Dance
Caller:  Bob Jones
Cuer:   Bill Berry
Visitations are important.  They are fun and they encourage other clubs to visit us.


OF 2012-2013

Marcie & Jim C.  24 visitations
Judy 23 visitations
Jean 22 visitations
Don 21 visitations
Jim W. 20 visitations
Brenda 19 visitations
Bill 19 visitations
Marlene 18 visitations
Bonnie 17 visitations

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1)  our 1/2 way dance
2)  our pizza dinner & class graduation
Welcome to the San Gabriel Valley B'n'Bs
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August 2014 Newsletter


2nd Saturdays

            6:30-7:30 PM prerounds/Zena Beaulieu

            7:30-10:00 Squares & rounds / Guest callers

Important Dates in August

1 - Visitation to Rancho's LUAU with Rick Manning.

     Carpooling - let Jean or me know if you need

     a ride

3 - Membership meeting at the church at 5:15

9 - Our Root Beer Float dance with Rick Manning

16- Visitation to the Grin'n'Square It's LUAU with

            Darren Gallina

17- The last Workshop of the summer

Other Important Information

            At our August dance we will serve root beer floats.

Members are asked to bring what they had signed up for

at the June meeting. Everyone else please bring healthy

finger food. In the kitchen we will have Gloria, Roger, Don,

& Jean under Brenda's leadership.

            Congratulations and thank you to Kitt, Ella, & Les

who received their angel badges in June.

            We had a very good time at the picnic on June 29.

We had a lot of delicious food and lots of fun. There was a

pleasant breeze blowing so the heat was not too bad. We

were only very disappointed that none of our new graduates

attended and only 5 of the many new members: Vonda, Ed,

Lupe, Les & Sharon. I would like to devote a part of this

newsletter thanking some of the members who helped me a

lot knowing that I was not in a very good shape. So thank you

from the bottom of my heart to the following "angels":

Don, Joan, & Mary for coming early and helping to set up

Frank and Bill for calling the squares & lines respectively

Bobbi for lending me her comfortable chair to sit in during

            the meeting

Don, Alice, Toni, Ana, & Jacques for not rushing off leaving

            me with all the clean-up duties but for staying and

            making sure that everything was clean and my car

            was loaded up.

Happy August birthday to Don (3rd), Janice (16th), Mardie &

            Lupe (27th).

Happy 35th anniversary to Steve & Mary Ellen on the 11th.

                                    The soon to be bionic Judy reporting




September 2014 Newsletter

            2nd Saturdays

            6:30-7:30 PM prerounds/Bill Berry

            7:30-10:00 Squares & rounds / Guest callers

Important Dates in September

6 - Visitation to the Funsters in Covina with

            Charlie Robertson    

13 - Our Back to Class dance with Bob Jones

14 - Membership meeting at the church at 5:15

            The first new class begins at 7:00

27 - Visitation by bus to the Buckles and Bows of

            Thousand Oaks with Andy Allameo. Bus

            leaves from Monrovia at 4:00 PM

Other Important Information

            At our September dance we will serve hot dogs.

Members are asked to bring what they signed up for at the

August dance (beans, potato salad, chips, chocolate

chip cookies, or fruit). In the kitchen we will have Larry, Elane,

Bonnie, and Teri under Donna's leadership.

            A big welcome back to Lynne and Dennis. Lynne has

recovered from her back surgery enough that she is getting

back to dancing. We were very happy to have them back at

the Summer Workshop.

            If you have not signed up for the bus trip yet, please

do so ASAP. It is $10.00. The bus will leave from the usual

place in Monrovia promptly at 4:00. Bring a snack with you

since at the dance they will only serve ice cream sundaes

and on the bus we will only have water & chips available.

            The B'n'B International Anniversary Dance will be

held on October 18 at Rancho Cucamonga. Presale

ribbons are available. You can buy one from me or any

Regional officer and club president.

            My progress report is good following the shoulder

replacement surgery but it will be a long time before I will

be able to use my right hand and arm for any lifting or

strenuous activity. A very special thanks to Russell, Les,

Brenda, George, and Jean who stepped in there and did

their part to lighten my load.

            Happy September birthday to Marcie (7th),

Russell (24th), and Esther (27th).


                                                Judy reporting


San Gabriel Valley B’n’B’s

2014 Dance Schedule





January 11

Pat Carnathan

Zena Beaulieu

Black & White Ball

46th Anniversary

February 8

Ken Bower

Shauna Kaaria

Hearts & Flowers

March 8

Darren Gallina

Zena Beaulieu

Spring Forward

April 12

Wyane Simpson

Zena Beaulieu

April Showers

May 10

David Mee

Bill Berry

May Flowers

June 14

Dale Hoppers

Judy Kersthold

Country Western

July 12

Charlie Fagan

Zena Beaulieu

Short Pants Dance

August 9

Rick Manning

Zena Beaulieu

Root Beer Floats

September 13

Bob Jones

Bill Berry

Back to Class

October 11

Frank Lescrinier

Zena Beaulieu


November 8

Mike Seastrom

Zena Beaulieu

Fall Back


Rod Shuping

Judy Kersthold

Jingle Bells






Community of Christ

9468 Broadway @ Cloverly

Temple City 91780

Pre-rounds: 6:30-7:30

Squares:       7:30-10:00




For information call Judy (626) 287-1946 or Toni (626) 806-3677.

Also Click on San Gabriel.



Get Directions To:
9468 Broadway
Temple City California 91780