The San Gabriel Valley B'n'B's monthly dance times and location: 


6:30-7:30 (rounds)

7:30-10:00 (squares)

Community of Christ   9468 Broadway   

Temple City  91780 (corner of Broadway & Cloverly, between Temple City Blvd & Rosemead Blvd.)

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For info call Judy at (626) 287-1946

Our April 12th Dance
Caller:  Wyane Simpson
Cuer:    Zena Beaulieu

Visitations are important.  They are fun and they encourage other clubs to visit us.


OF 2012-2013

Marcie & Jim C.  24 visitations
Judy 23 visitations
Jean 22 visitations
Don 21 visitations
Jim W. 20 visitations
Brenda 19 visitations
Bill 19 visitations
Marlene 18 visitations
Bonnie 17 visitations

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Welcome to the San Gabriel Valley B'n'Bs
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           March 2014 Newsletter - San Gabriel Valley BnBs

            2nd Saturdays

            6:30-7:30 PM prerounds

            7:30-10:00 Squares / Guest callers

Important Dates in March

            2 - Membership meeting at the church at 5:15   

            8 - Our Spring Forward dance with Darren Gallina           

            21 - Visitation to the Ichabod Squares' 48th Anniversary

                   with Romney Tannehill (Dancing with the Stars) at

                   the Cedarbrook Dance Center. CARPOOLING.

            29 - Visit Downey's final dance which is their anniversary

                  Please make an effort to be there. We carpool and

                   this will be our last chance to visit them and invite

                   them to join us. Let's show them our support.


Other Important Information

            At the March dance we will serve finger foods so

bring your favorite one. In the kitchen we will have Mary Ellen

Joan and Irene under Steve's leadership.

            Our class is doing well. Thank you all who come to

angel. Since we are always short of men angels, we are very

lucky that we have so many lady angels who can dance the

man's part. I don't know of any other club who has the luxury

to have everyone dancing because of these lady angels and

our successful singles rotation.

            We would like to welcome our newest member,

John Uveges who joined us from the Downey chapter.

John is Downey's current president.

            I want to congratulate our STAR visitors, those who

support our visitations to other clubs and thus help us thrive.

Here are the stars. In parenthesis I indicate how many times

they joined us during 2012 & 2013. The champions are

Marcie and Jim (Chipman) who attended 24 visitations.

Judy (23), Jean (22), Don (21), Jim Wall (20), Brenda (19),

Bill (19), Marlene (18), and Bonnie (17). Thank you SO much!

Believe me, visitation is what keeps a club going because it

brings visitors and shows that we care.

(I know Bill would have attended more but he is the cuer at

the Funsters and Rancho and he can not sign in for us.)

            Happy March birthday to Brenda (2), Esther(19),

Sayuri (20) amd Larry (22).

            Happy Anniversary to Larry & Donna (12th on March 9)

and Jack & Jennifer (39th on March 22).


                                                            Judy reporting


April 2014 Newsletter - San Gabriel Valley BnBs

            2nd Saturdays

            6:30-7:30 PM prerounds

            7:30-10:00 Squares / Guest callers

Important Dates in April

            5 - Visitation to the Boys'n'Berries' "At the Hop" dance

                   with Ken Bower. Carpooling.

            6 - Membership meeting at the church at 5:15   

            12 - Our April Showers dance with Wyane Simpson          

            15 - Visitation to the Glendale B'n'B's dance with

                        Phil Farmer                              

Other Important Information

            At the April dance we will serve salads, cookies, &

crock pots of food, so bring any of those items. In the kitchen

we will have Larry, Elaine, Mardie, & Bonnie under Donna's


            There are some important future dates I would like you
to put on your calendar:

June 22 - Graduation. Be sure your club outfit is ready

June 29 - our annual picnic at Live Oak Park

July 13 - the summer plus workshop begins

            Start talking to your friends, neighbors, & acquaintances

about the new square dance class that will begin on

September 14, 2014. Also, angels, start checking out our

current class members. In May we will have to make up our

minds about who is ready to graduate and who will be asked to

take the class over. Be sure to come to the May meeting to

put in your two cents' worth on the subject.

            We would like to welcome Vonda McGuire to our club.

She joined us from the Downey chapter. She recently received

the gold badge from the B'n'B's International. She is past

International President and Regional Director.

            Just a reminder: visitation is what keeps a club going

because it brings visitors and shows that we care. Please wear

your club badge to all visitations so the host club members can

identify you as San Gabriel Valley B'n'B members. It is a thing

to be proud of, I think.

            Happy April birthday to Bonnie (16th) and Jennifer (26th).

There are no anniversaries in April.


                                                            Judy reporting



San Gabriel Valley B’n’B’s

2014 Dance Schedule





January 11

Pat Carnathan

Zena Beaulieu

Black & White Ball

46th Anniversary

February 8

Ken Bower

Shauna Kaaria

Hearts & Flowers

March 8

Darren Gallina

Zena Beaulieu

Spring Forward

April 12

Wyane Simpson

Zena Beaulieu

April Showers

May 10

David Mee

Bill Berry

May Flowers

June 14

Dale Hoppers

Judy Kersthold

Country Western

July 12

Charlie Fagan

Zena Beaulieu

Short Pants Dance

August 9

Rick Manning

Zena Beaulieu

Root Beer Floats

September 13

Bob Jones

Bill Berry

Back to Class

October 11

Frank Lescrinier

Zena Beaulieu


*October 31

Scot Byars

Zena Beaulieu

Fright Nite

November 8

Mike Seastrom

Zena Beaulieu

Fall Back


Rod Shuping

Judy Kersthold

Jingle Bells


Community of Christ

9468 Broadway @ Cloverly

Temple City 91780

Pre-rounds: 6:30-7:30

Squares:       7:30-10:00


*October 31st Nite Owl dance

Location is to be determined

Pre-rounds: 7:00-8:00

Squares:      8:00-Midnight


For information call Judy (626) 287-1946 or Toni (626) 806-3677.

Also Click on San Gabriel.

Get Directions To:
9468 Broadway
Temple City California 91780